Why is it worth quitting smoking?

Stop smoking

Cigarette smoking is an addiction with which a lot of people are struggling, both in Poland and around the world. However, it is worth noting that practically most of them accepted the fact of their addiction and did not do much to free themselves from it.

On the other hand, cessation of smoking can result only from benefits, and only in many areas of our lives. It is definitely worth to think about it a bit, because there are plenty of arguments to at least try. Fact, this is not a simple thing, because if we smoke for many years, it may turn out that our body is really strongly addicted. At the same time, however, it is always possible with the right approach. At the beginning, however, it is worth thinking about what we can gain from quitting smoking.

You will take care of your health

It is not known from now on that smoking has a very negative impact on our health. It is quite common here to talk mainly about the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer – this is indeed a real threat, but it is worth remembering that cigarettes also affect many other areas of our body. First of all, they have a catastrophic effect on our cardiovascular system and increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. They also destroy grey cells, and in the long run they contribute to the loss of brain performance. In addition, some ageing processes are accelerating significantly. This makes the skin of a smoker’s skin much less attractive than in the case of someone who avoids such things.

Many savings

Another often repeated argument – and most rightly so – is that smoking cigarettes has a very negative impact on our wallet. And actually, it is enough to count just how much a person smokes at least a pack of food a day, which currently costs about 13-14 zlotys. In the whole year this is really a lot of money that we could successfully spend on other, much more useful things for us.

Lungs after quitting smoking: