Why is it worth eating chocolate?

7 reasons why it is worth eating chocolate

Even one chocolate cube can work wonders: it adds energy, heals coughing, improves humour and facilitates concentration. It is recommended especially after a difficult meal. Choose a bitter chocolate, with nuts or sheep, because in addition to the cocoa beans, it is a source of valuable antioxidants and vegetable fats.

Caution! Limit chocolate consumption to 2 cubes per day. In addition to its many advantages, it can also have an adverse effect on health. Avoid chocolate if you are allergic (cocoa, wheat, milk and nuts), diabetes mellitus, and if you are prone to overweight.

Chocolate with high cocoa content

The value of chocolate is not determined by the taste but by the content of the pulp from the cocoa beans.

Chocolate bitter – contains 70% of cocoa pulp and very little sugar. It is the healthiest.

Dessert Chocolate – contains between 30 and 70% of cocoa pulp. The rest is cocoa butter, sugar and flavours (fruit, fruit, dried fruit, etc.). and odour.

Milk chocolate is mainly milk and sugar. The content of cocoa pulp varies between 20 and 50%.

Chocolate white – it consists of cocoa fat (without precious pulp), sugar and milk.

Chocolate counteracts depression

Phenylethylamine contained in chocolate causes the neurotransmitters serotonin and endorphins to increase in the brain after consumption. The former prevents depression and reduces susceptibility to illnesses, while endorphins improve mood and amplify pleasures.

Chocolate prevents clots

The flavonoids in the cocoa beans protect against atherosclerosis. They regulate muscle and blood vessel tension and ensure that the platelets do not stick together, thus preventing the formation of blood clots and stroke.

Chocolate soothes coughing

Chocolate is a source of theobromine, which inhibits cough more effectively than the cough commonly used by codeine doctors. Contrary to the prescription drug, it does not cause a feeling of sleepiness.

Chocolate filters the kidneys

The same theobromine is known for its diuretic properties. It stimulates kidney function and cleanses gently. This is an important message if you are prone to urinary tract infections.

Chocolate lowers blood pressure and cares about the heart

According to dutch scientists, people who regularly eat dark chocolate rich in polyphenols are 50% less likely to die of infarction.

Chocolate adds energy

It is a rich source of magnesium, potassium and iron. This helps improve muscle function and calcium absorption. The experts consider it to be the best available, concentrated energy source.

Chocolate enhances memory and concentration

Bitter chocolate is a source of pyrazine that stimulates the brain. This means that already 1-2 cubes improve concentration, memory and response time in stress.

Caution! For the same reason, however, don’t reach for her…. before bedtime.

Chocolate weight loss diet: