How to lose weight in an emergency?

Lose weight in an emergency

Vows, important anniversaries, graduate meetings – all these situations are united by one. We would like to fall on them with a dazzling, exceptional appearance, to knock down the family or friends who were not seen for a long time.

One of the most important factors influencing perceptions of our appearance is body weight. So we often plan to lose weight before such events, but some people wake up quite late.

Then a question arises in our heads – how to lose weight in a week, is it possible at all? Fortunately in present times – when we pay a lot of attention to our weight, dieticians prepared for us a lot of various diets. Thus, we can take advantage of the so-called „instant diet”, available in several varieties. One, three or seven-day long. Using this treatment, not without a reason called the last rescue board, can work miracles. Within seven days we can drop 3-5 kilograms.

People who really wake up at the last minute can also benefit from one of the more and more popular diets recently – oat diet, during which, as the name suggests, we will feed only on oatmeal. The diet is applied for a period of one day, during which we can lose a whole kilogram. Oatmeal will also be an excellent salvation after the festive embezzlement, so that we will not have to limit ourselves at the family table.

Copenhagen diet

Those who wake up a little earlier can benefit from the Copenhagen diet. It is one of the most controversial diets because we provide only 900 calories a day to the body for its duration. It is a very small portion of this diet, therefore it is recommended to be a person who does not take a lot of physical effort. However, these difficulties are compensated for by the effects – this diet is also one of the most effective. In the 13-day period we can drop to a dozen or so kilos!

So if you are preparing for an important celebration, you want to shine – know that it is not too late yet. Even the day before an important event, you can lose weight and make you feel much better in your own skin!

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