How to fight cellulite?

Cellulite – how to fight it?

There are many ways and means to fight cellulite, from cream to body cream to treatments in regeneration rooms. Read the article and find out how to get rid of cellulite.

Preparations to combat cellulite

To combat cellulite, agents containing active plant ingredients are helpful, which improve the blood circulation in the skin and cause the body to expel toxins at a faster rate. These agents also help in fat decomposition, eliminate fluid stagnation and eliminate excess water.

Such properties include algae, black without, ivy, yellow sorrel, gingko ginkgo, holly bush and short Indian gingko. Creams and gels containing L-carnitine, which helps to remove fatty tissue, and highly concentrated caffeine, which accelerates fat burning, are effective to get rid of orange peel.

Treatment against cellulite

There are many treatments that eliminate cellulite, one of them is mesotherapy, which consists in injecting active substances into the fat, which improves metabolism of fats and reduces swelling. The next are ultrasounds, which break down the envelope of fat cells and get fat from them, which gets into the blood and then the kidneys expel it from the body.

The last treatment described above is body wrapping, which consists in lubricating with the anti-cellulite preparation places affected by orange peel, then wrapping these places with foil or bandage and covering them with a blanket. The treatment lasts 40 minutes and the effects are visible after the first case, but it is recommended to perform 8 treatments in 24-day intervals.

Can you get rid of cellulite: