How do I take care of my liver?

Take care of the liver

The liver performs many functions, starting from the synthesis of blood coagulation factors, through the storage of iron and vitamins A, D, K, through blood filtration. In short, it is one of our most important organs without any doubt.

Unfortunately, not many people end up with this fact, not taking care of it in the way it requires. How do I care for my liver? Below are some of the most important tips.

1.  Limitation of alcohol

Alcohol has a very negative impact on our body, especially on the liver. This does not mean that we should abandon it completely. It is enough to limit it so that the liver can rest and become immune to its effects. Regular alcohol consumption often leads to cirrhosis of the liver, which is a number of negative changes that usually do not lead to retreat, and? which very often have a negative effect on the later activity of many other organs.

2.  Change your medicines

It is difficult to live without medicines, but very often it is these that are the main factor of the not very positive changes occurring within the liver. Although they work very well on other parts of the body and organs, they very often cause liver failure. What is the best solution? Limiting the use of medicines to a minimum, especially those with a high paracetamol dose – it is he who is often responsible for the liver insufficiency of a person who is not fully aware of what is actually exposed to during the administration of various medicines.

3. Limitation of eating fatty meals

Although fried dishes often taste delicious, they have a very negative effect on health. Not only overweight, but also diseases and functional disorders of the liver. Reducing fast food consumption and changing food habits can have a very positive impact on our health.

4. Partly dispense with sweets.

All kinds of sweets, if consumed too much, cause severe liver abnormalities. It is good to control their adoption. The body is also affected by sugar, which is very often called simply white death. ‎

Diet in liver disease: