How do I choose a cream for my skin type?

What kind of skin cream?

Today, drugstores bend under the weight of cosmetics, and we are often confused when we see a selection of creams and other specifics that are intended to enhance our beauty. How, for example, can I choose a face cream?

There are several types of skin: normal, dry, mixed, oily. Some people also have atopic and capillary skin, with problems „- e. g.”. acne A different cream is needed for each skin type, but some do not pay attention to it at all. This is a serious mistake, because in this way you can significantly deteriorate your skin condition or even lead to its inflammation or other illnesses.

So how to choose a cream for your skin type?

First of all, you need to know what type of skin you have. This will be told by a dermatologist, beautician or make-up make-up artist. Sometimes we are able to recognize it ourselves, because we see that e. g. for example. Our skin is still dry, regardless of the season.

It should also be remembered that the type of skin is not the same as the blood type. The fact that she was a teenager with fatty skin does not mean that she has such an adult woman.

Once the type of skin has been clarified, it is necessary to determine what we will expect from the cream. If e. g. moisturizing, let’s check the composition of the cream and make sure that its ingredients can provide us with it. The lower the number of ingredients, the better – it is more likely that there are fewer in the cream of chemistry and allergens.

Every respected cosmetic company provides a line of products for a specific skin, so it is worth keeping them. They provide protection for virtually every skin type. Separate are products for oily and acne skin, for dry, normal skin. Many product lines have creams, which can also be used on sensitive and even hypersensitive skin, with discolouration, reddened, and with rosacea. Regardless of the type of problems that affect a particular person, they will find the right solution.

Once you’ve found the right cream, it’s not worth experimenting, but just stick to a proven solution, preferably even a range of products – choose for example. tonic or soap from the same series. In combination with the cream, they give better results and you have greater safety of the products used.

It is also a good idea to try natural cosmetics – they are more expensive than synthetics, but much healthier for the skin.

How to rejuvenate your skin: