DASH diet – the healthiest nutrition system

DASH diet

DASH diet is the most effective diet of the world! Created by US scientists, it will reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure. In this article you will find some advice on DASH diet. Listen to her rules and in a flash you will improve your condition and get rid of a few unnecessary fatty deposits.

DASH diet: a way to keep fit!

Although most people react negatively to the very sound of the word „diet„, things look quite different in the case of DASH diet. It does not recommend eating a minimum amount of calories, quite the opposite: you can eat full, but you should be careful about the type of food you eat. Certain groups of products should be reduced in the daily diet by providing the body with a large portion of recommended foods such as vegetables, non-fatty dairy products and very healthy fish such as halibut.

DASH diet: what should you eat?

In the DASH diet, sodium intake should be minimized: it significantly increases blood pressure, puts a strain on the heart and aggravates the risk of infarction. At the salt site it is recommended to use fresh herbs, which improve the aroma of food and motivate the digestive tract for better work.

DASHNOTE too many carbohydrates should also be eaten: they interfere with the effect of the pancreas and intensify the appetite unnecessarily. In place of sugar for the wounded tea, it is more sensible to use a little sweetener: this significantly minimises the number of calories in your diet and reduces weight.

Another prohibited group of foods are fats: margarine or lard is strictly forbidden! Oil should be used instead, but the DASH diet limits the daily intake of this fat to a maximum of two teaspoons. Eating fatty meat should be reduced. For this reason, meals containing beef are not recommended. The healthiest choice is chicken, indispensable without skin.

The DASH diet also recommends that a large number of whole grain milling and leguminous foods such as peas, soya beans and chickpeas be added to the diet. They provide rich protein content and are rich in vitamins.

DASH diet: in summary

Using DASH dietary principles you can quickly lower blood pressure and effectively minimize the saturation of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. An additional advantage offered by the DASH diet is the reduction of body weight. A well-developed diet supports the reduction of residual fatty tissue and improves overall body condition.

Start following DASH diet recommendations today and feel how your body is recovering and finding the lost balance!

Dash diet for hypertension: