Causes of liver damage

Liver damage

Our digestive system is spleen, stomach, intestines and liver. The latter plays the most important role in the process of body renewal. It allows us to regenerate the organism after its poisoning, removing toxins found in meals and in drugs, which we use more and more often.

Speed of life

Our pace of life continues to grow and the liver is at full speed. If we looked at our liver under the microscope, we would understand our problem. That is why today we need a remedy that will strengthen our liver and prevent damage caused by stress and poor nutrition. One of the known agents strengthening and prolonging the vitality of our liver is the asthma family. It is he who can prolong the lifespan, but also soothe liver pains.


Nutrition changes

Many people do not realize why they feel so depressed and weakened by nature. Fatty food makes our body have no time to rest. The meat consumed is broken down in our body even a week. During this time, the liver is supposed to cleanse the food from dangerous toxins and micro-organisms. Therefore, at a time when we sleep, the body digests and consumes the energy needed during the day for digestion. Let us remember that our meals in the evening should not be too „heavy”, but easily digestible.

The future of our medicine

The idea that in the future can save us from extinction of our species is to breed organs on a large scale. This vision is at the stage of scientific fantasy, but we can already boast of achievements in this area. With the help of stem cells theoretically, scientists can produce replacement organs for us.

At first they will only be able to afford the richest in the world, but later the price should fall. I believe that there is a future for medicine. And this is one way of prolonging the life of the human species.

Why use milk thistle: